Server Administration Services

Linux System Administration

We provide Systems Administration services for Linux and UNIX based servers


One of the biggest plus as many clients have pointed out is that we are always good with the communication while being amazing value for money, certainly a great combination when you’re talking about System admins!

Work we do when we support a server on a annual/monthly maintenance contract includes the following (not conclusive list there’s more we can do, just ask)

  1. Log monitoring and incident handling
  2. Weekly security audits to proactively detect and thwart incidents
  3. Backup and restoration of databases, configurations and content(website code/data) on a pre decided schedule
  4. 24×7 availability monitoring and support
  5. Website throughput optimization with feedback and frequent review
  6. Updates and upgrades
  7. Migration of websites and associated paraphrenalia
  8. Day to day operational support for maintenance tasks such as user management, service monitoring, name server management
  9. Spam mitigation through recursive tuning

You might want to hire us in the following scenarios:

  • You are concerned about the security of your server and need it secured. We do the auditing, hardening and webapp vulnerability/security assessment and if you want it we stay the course for certifications as well.
  • You are concerned about the speed at which your site loads up. We can suggest architecture modifications, tune your OS, network, application server/webserver, database server(including query optimizations) and help achieve that elusive site speedup.
  • You are moving hosts and need someone to help you move seamlessly to the new server.
  • You already moved hosts and now stuff is broken and you need a root cause analysis of why stuff is broken and then need it fixed
  • You need something researched and implemented, be it any new script setup, a streaming media solution, a mail spam fighting mechanism, email to web gallery setup or anything else that you can think of
  • You need some prerequisites setup for a script that you want installed
  • You have had security incident and need someone to quickly take control and put you back online.